future impacts on wildlife after completion of the development or activity. This section should include reference to adjacent habitat as well as that contained on site.

5. Wildlife and habitat impact mitigation plan indicating:

a) measures required to be taken to minimize wildlife and habitat effects during operational works;
b) wildlife capture and removal plan;
c) contingency plan for wildlife requiring euthanasia, other veterinary procedures or captive care;
d) wildlife storage and housing plan;
e) wildlife release and disposal plan; and
f) measures required to be taken to minimize adverse wildlife impacts following completion of works.

Approval of Wildlife Protection and Management Plan

3.10 A completed Wildlife Protection and Management Plan should be submitted to the developer and/or his appointed agent , prior to implementation.

3.11 In the case of a development or activity requiring local, State or Federal government agency approval, a Wildlife Protection and Management Plan should also be submitted to the relevant agency prior to its implementation.

Wildlife Protection and Management Plan not required

3.12 A wildlife control operator is not required to prepare a Wildlife Protection and Management Plan if:

a) wildlife are not detected at a site, or will not be impacted by activities proposed for the site; and
b) wildlife will not be required to be captured or moved from the site; and
c) the site is not wholly, or part of, an essential wildlife habitat or wildlife corridor; and
d) operational works, or operational aspects or features of the completed development, are unlikely to have adverse effects on local wildlife populations or individuals.

3.13 If an activity or development fulfils the requirements of section 3.12 above and is an activity or development requiring local, State and/or Federal government agency approval, then the wildlife control operator should give notice in writing to the relevant government agency, that a Wildlife Protection and Management Plan is not required, and the reasons for that.

Site and Fauna Surveys

3.14 Each site or project must be assessed using fauna survey equipment and methodologies sufficient for the wildlife control operator/wildlife biologist to form a reasonably accurate picture of the species diversity and estimates of individuals likely to be present.