e) ensuring the timely and appropriate removal and management of animals from development sites prior to and/or during operational works or activities.
f) ensuring the appropriate housing, veterinary assessment and care, translocation, euthanasia or other appropriate disposal of animals removed from development sites.
g) preparation of a Wildlife Management Report on completion of a development project or activity, to be submitted in a timely manner to the developer and as may be required to local, State and/or Federal regulatory agencies.
h) notification of the appropriate local, State and/or Federal regulatory authorities of breaches of the applicable laws.

2.10 In addition, the wildlife control operator should be aware of their own “duty of care” obligations under the applicable local State and/or Federal law(s) as these apply to animals captured, trapped or held in the course of their duties.

Use of unlicensed personnel by a wildlife control operator

2.11 In order to ensure compliance with the code and other regulations regarding the welfare and protection of wild animals on a site, where permitted by law to use unlicensed personnel, a licensed wildlife control operator must ensure that the level of supervision of personnel involved in the capture, management and care of animals takes into account their experience and competence.

2.12 Wildlife control operators are responsible for the proper supervision and direction of their personnel.

Accountability of wildlife control operators for powers given under local, State and/or Federal laws.

2.13 Wildlife control operators must be accountable for the correct and proper use of their powers under the appropriate local, State and Federal laws and appropriate discharge of their responsibilities.

2.14 Wildlife control operators are commonly contracted by a developer or developer’s agent to perform services required as a condition of a development approval, and therefore have certain responsibilities towards their client. They also have important responsibilities to the community generally to ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to protect the welfare of wild animals likely to be impacted by a development.

2.15 Any powers given to a wildlife control operator under the provisions of local, State and/or Federal laws must be used strictly in accordance with the provisions of those laws and as required to ensure compliance with this Suggested Protocol.

2.16 In accordance with the provisions of local, State and/or Federal laws licensed wildlife control operators are accountable to those agency(s).