1.15 The omission of a “wildlife control operator must be used” condition on a local government development approval is not sufficient grounds for exemption from compliance with the requirements of section 1.14 above.


Roles of qualified wildlife control operators

2.1 The proper conduct of wildlife management procedures at land-clearing and development sites involves processes such as:

• fauna and flora assessment;
• species identification;
• animal trapping, capture and handling;
• assessment of animal health and injuries;
• assessment of development impacts on wildlife and ecosystems
• preparation of Wildlife Protection and Management Plans
• husbandry of captured wild animals;
• identification of suitable wildlife release sites;
• emergency euthanasia of injured or sick animals.

2.2 Personnel conducting these activities must be suitably trained in these techniques, and also licensed by appropriate government authorities. It is understood that a combination of qualified personnel maybe required to complete all tasks

Licensing/permitting of wildlife control operators

2.3 The wildlife control operator and/or the employees of the wildlife control operator shall be duly tested, licensed and/or permitted as per the appropriate local, State and/or Federal laws applicable to the location of the site and the jurisdiction of the regulatory agency(s).

Powers and responsibilities of wildlife control operators

2.4 Under the provisions of the appropriate local, State and Federal laws licensed wildlife control operators may have specific powers and responsibilities. These powers and responsibilities are intended to ensure the best animal welfare outcomes for wildlife affected by development. Misuse of powers or failure to meet responsibilities may result in revocation of license or permit as a wildlife control operator and/or civil or criminal penalty at the discretion of the appropriate local, State and/or Federal regulatory agency(s).

Powers of wildlife control operators under applicable local, state and/or Federal laws

2.5 A licensed and insured wildlife control operator and/or qualified personnel engaged in that role for a development or activity has the authority under this protocol to make an